Mexican Dining for Miami Film Festival

Love films? Consider yourself a cinephile? You won’t want to miss the Miami International Film Festival — coming up soon!

About the Miami International Film Festival

This year’s Miami International Film Festival (2019) will begin on March 1st and end on March 10th. All movie lovers will find something to entertain at this festival. All over the city of Miami, films are screened for the delight of fans and movie makers.

History of the Festival

The very first Miami International Film Festival took place on February 3rd, 1984. Organization and administration of the festival have bounced between organizations, but since 2003, all authority has been with MDC (Miami Dade College).

It has been Miami Dade College who has created the festival as we know it today. They have helped it grow in breadth and depth. Each year, cash awards are also given to filmmakers. This year more than 1 million dollars will be given to deserving filmmakers.

Of course, there are other events at the film festival as well. These include parties, dinners, award ceremonies, and much more!

Where to Eat While You’re in Miami

One of the most common questions that visitors to the Miami Film Festival have is where can we get a good dinner?

We get it! You may not know Miami very well, in which case you’ll want to get some recommendations.

Oh! Mexico is the perfect choice. Our restaurant is located on the famed Espanola Way in Miami.

At Oh! Mexico, we offer a range of authentic Mexican dishes, appetizers, and drinks. Our restaurant has graced the Miami food scene since 1997. For more than 20 years, we have been serving up the best Mexican food in town, and we’d love to serve you as well!

Dinner at Oh! Mexico

While you’re enjoying the Miami International Film Festival, make time to have a delicious dinner at Oh! Mexico.

We recommend starting with our freshly made guacamole. In our unique recipe, we include all the basics, plus a healthy dose of cilantro and chile serrano for a little extra kick!

From there, head to the Taco Shop for your choice of fresh, absolutely delicious tacos. We have so many taco options, your head will spin! Find something that speaks to you and get three, or mix it up and swap back and forth with your dining guests.

Everything we offer on our menu at Oh! Mexico is freshly made and authentic to real Mexican cuisine. We hope you’re able to enjoy the Miami International Film Festival this year, and moreover, we hope you’ll come have a bite to eat with us at Oh! Mexico!