Family-Friendly Restaurant for Easter in Miami Beach

If you don’t feel like cooking this Easter—and we don’t blame you in the slightest—why not come on down to Oh! Mexico for an outstanding feast worthy of the holiday? Our Española Way restaurant has been serving up authentic Mexican cuisine since 1997, and we’d love to host you and whomever else may be joining you this April 21st!

A Miami Beach Easter Feast at Oh! Mexico

It’ll be a South Beach-brand Easter meal with a lunch or dinner here at Oh! Mexico, nestled on one of the neighborhood’s most iconic thoroughfares: the historic and happening Española Way.


Spend the holiday at our welcoming, well-arrayed, and family-friendly table, and you’ll have some of the most dynamic flavors in South Florida at your fingertips: classic Mexican dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients and a great deal of love—love for the great culinary traditions themselves, and of course plenty of love for our diners!

Oh! Mexico Menu Highlights to Whet an Easter Appetite

Get things underway with an Oh! Mexico appetizer (or four): nachos or quesadillas, the melted-cheese masterpiece that is our QuesoFundido, the citrus-spiked blend of corvina and shrimp in our Ceviche Mixto, our Mexican Street Corn or Acapulco-style Shrimp Cocktail—just to name a few sturdy options.

Of course we’re celebrated for our deluxe guacamole, and for our Molcajete, a brimming bowl of guajillo or green tomatillo sauce, Mexican cheese, chorizo, nopal, onion, and bell peppers with your choice of shrimp, chicken, steak, or a mixto combo.

The heart of the Oh! Mexico menu is our diverse roster of tacos: Al Pastor, Taco de Chile Poblano, Baja Chicken, Cochinita Pibil, Grilled Veggie, and more: all served in scrumptious threes with rice, beans, and Cambray onion. (You can order any of our tacos with lettuce wraps, by the way.)

Then there are our nourishing Mexican soups: the traditional chicken and hominy broth of Pozole, and our delectable Tortilla Soup.

You’ll certainly be making Easter very special indeed with an Oh! Mexico house-made dessert, from our Platanos Machos Con Crema(deep-fired sweet plantains dressed in cinnamon sugar and paired with sweet Mexican cream) to our note-perfect chocolate cake.

Make Your Easter Dining Reservations at Oh! Mexico in Miami Beach Today

Reserve your table here at Oh! Mexico on Española Way for an Easter feast of south-of-the-border goodness! We’re also happy to accommodate any and all group-dining needs, in case you have a particularly large party for your Easter Sunday visit or wish to hold an all-out event: Just drop us a line and let us know!