Best Mexican Dining for Cinco De Mayo in Miami Beach

Come celebrate Cinco de Mayo here at Oh! Mexico: the perfect destination in Miami Beach for doing the holiday justice. In our opinion, marking the fifth of May with some topnotch Mexican fare here on Espanola Way is the right way to do it, and we most certainly invite you to our table!

The Origins of Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo here in the U.S. is primarily a celebration of Mexican and Mexican-American culture. The significance of the date has somewhat obscure origins: the unexpected victory of the outgunned Mexican Army over French troops on May 5th, 1862, in the Battle of Puebla.

While observed to some extent in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is more of a big deal north of the border, as it’s come to represent a more general expression of Mexican heritage and tradition than any sort of specific military commemoration.

Mark Cinco de Mayo in Miami Beach With Oh! Mexico

Treat yourself to a Sunday feast at Oh! Mexico for Cinco de Mayo this year! We’ll immerse you in a fun, festive atmosphere here along ever-vibrant and ever-bustling Espanola Way, and—even more importantly—serve you some of the finest Mexican cuisine you can find in Miami Beach, bar none.

Lunch or dinner, join us for a spectacular meal from start to finish that’ll make this a Cinco de Mayo to remember—setting a high benchmark, to say the least. Kick off with some around-the-table appetizers: our signature, freshly made guacamole, our nachos or quesadillas, maybe our Ceviche Mixto, our Acapulco-style shrimp cocktail, or our fresh seared tuna-loin tostadas for some seafood perfection.

You can’t go wrong with our taco lineup, meanwhile: the very heart of the Oh! Mexico menu. From carnitas and al pastor to our Baja Fish Taco, Bistec con Queso, and shrimp enchipotlado, the challenge with Oh! Mexico tacos—backed up by rice and beans as well as cambray onions—is simply choosing what to order.

Don’t forget about our tortilla soup or our soul-nourishing pozole—not to mention a drinks menu tailor-made for Cinco de Mayo revelry: tequilas and mezcals, margaritas and sudsy cervezas.

You can cap everything off with one of our homemade Oh! Mexico desserts: our milk-caramel cajeta- and pecan-topped crepes, perhaps, or our cinnamon-sugar-rolled deep-fried sweet plantains paired with sweet Mexican cream, or maybe our picture-perfect chocolate cake.

Make it an Oh! Mexico Cinco de Mayo in Miami Beach

So why exactly would you make any other plans for this year’s Cinco de Mayo than a fabulous foray to Espanola Way here in South Beach and a smorgasbord feast at Oh! Mexico? We can’t wait to serve you for the big day!