Tips to Finding Best Miami Restaurants While Traveling

Ever wanted to know how you can find the best, most authentic restaurant while traveling? Here are the top tips for doing just that in Miami!

Top Tips for Finding the Best Miami Restaurants While Traveling 

  1. Read reviews from people who’ve been there.

It’s tough to know what to expect cuisine-wise before you’ve even visited a town. Therefore, a good idea is to check reviews and read write-ups from local bloggers in the Miami area.

  1. Ask people who are from the area.

Not seeing reviews for some of the restaurants you’ve been considering? You might want to simply ask around. Check with individuals near your hotel, the check-out lady at the grocery store, a post office worker, and others who actually live in Miami. They’ll be able to tell you where they prefer to go.


  1. Look for cuisine that’s local.

If you’re in Miami, Mexican, Cuban, and Spanish food is going to be the best in town. And while you might find a few Asian restaurants that are pretty good, some great burger joints, and other places where the food’s “not bad,” you’ll notice that these locations don’t quite match up to the amazingness that the local cuisine offers. There are many people in Florida from Mexico, Cuba, and Spain, so it only makes sense that they’ll offer the best fare in town.

  1. Don’t go where other tourists go.

Sure, those places might be pretty good, but you want to go to the places that locals go to — so this usually means that tour groups and vacationers don’t know about it.

  1. Look for places where they make just a few amazing dishes.

Again, a Mexican restaurant that also has sushi and pasta on the menu probably won’t be that good. You just need the place to have a few (2 or 3) amazing dishes — and that’s what you’ll have. For a Mexican joint, for example, you’ll want out-of-this-world fajitas or to-die-for tacos or burritos. You don’t need any more than this!

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