Only in Miami is the biggest event on the 4th of July a Brazil vs Colombia soccer match. That’s what happened in 2014, in case you forgot, and it’s a big indicator of why Miami is the best place in America to watch the World Cup. We know the USA isn’t participating this year, but as the most international city in America, Miami’s bars will still be packed with fans from all the countries that are, cheering with more passion than anyone ever has for the Marlins.  And to help out even more, we tapped FOX World Cup broadcaster, Fernando Fiore, and asked for his No. 1 place to catch the matches, which you’ll see below.

The action begins on June 14 in Russia and the first-round matches run through the 28th, with games kicking off at 8am. We’ll also be updating this list with new events, parties, and places to drink as they come. So where should you go for the best World Cup viewing experiences in South Florida? Here’s our picks.

Source: Thrillist.com
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